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Kyle, Stephanie, Peyton, Piper, and Maddie Jo, Kyle and Stephanie grew up in rural farming communities, where we learned to appreciate the importance of community, family values and work ethics. We have spent the majority of our careers in the geriatric, long-term care space. Throughout the years, we have learned to provide a work environment that employees enjoy and love, in return they do extraordinarily good work for those in their care. We have created a strong bond by serving the families within our community. We strive to make all our residents feel listened to and cared for and to give them the dignity and respect they deserve.I was blessed to have a close relationship with not only her 4 grandparents, but also her great-grandmother. I started my career as a Speech-Pathologist working in skilled nursing facilities 20 years ago, I fell in love with the geriatric population. Recently, my 92 year-old grandmother, who was living independently alone in her home, fell and suffered a fractured pelvis. After physical therapy, our family attempted to honor her wishes to return home. After another fall, we realized she would require 24-hour care. This was a very difficult decision because her memory and cognition were largely intact, only her body was physically tired and failing her. After much thought, prayer and deliberation as a family we decided senior housing was the right decision for my grandmother. She is the matriarch of our family and was my female role model/spiritual leader in my early years and remains my inspiration today. Her strength and character have guided and molded the woman I strive to be.Kyle was moved by his personal experience with his own grandmother, Madeline, who lived nearly 100 years. She spent her final years in the care of a long-term care facility. Kyle was appreciative of the care she received and grew to have a passion for caring for the elderly. In our decision to acquire Lake Country Assisted Living, Kyle and I hope to honor the founders vision to create a peaceful, home-like environment for the residents we are given the opportunity to care for. We involve our 3 daughters in this family business as much as possible. They bring renewed energy to the residents. Peyton, Piper and Maddie Jo love to assist residents with spa days, singing, dancing, gardening, cooking, bible study, and seasonal parties. If you find yourself seeking care for your loved one, it is our hope you will consider Lake Country as their new home.

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