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Paying for Care at Lake Country

We will assist families to determine if any financial assistance is available through our approved service providers in the industry. Please ask and we can put together a long term care plan for your loved one.

Long Term Care Insurance

Lake Country Assisted Living accepts all long term care insurance. Texas Licensed Facilities may accept Long Term Care Insurance. A non-licensed Assisted Living Facility cannot file a claim with any insurance company. All policies require the facility to send proof of licensing, last inspection results, and expiration of their license to the insurance company.

Most long term care insurance policies are made payable to the beneficiary listed on the policy and not directly to the facility. In this event the family pays the facility and submits the invoice to the insurance company for reimbursement.

Example: “Policy to pay $ 125.00 dollars a day for the life of the insured, beginning after a 30 day grace period from the date of admittance”. Meaning that the first 30 days the family would have to pay the daily rate and after that the insurance company will pay up to a maximum of $125. dollars per day thereafter.

Real Estate

In certain circumstances we will consider a wholly owned real estate in lieu of payment. Eliminate the need to sell real estate in the current market conditions. We can also coordinate an estate sale on behalf of your loved one.

Other Aided Services

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